I did a bad thing. A really bad thing, that I now regret more than anything.

I never bothered to back up my TalkShoe podcasts. There were just so many of them, and I never could figure out how to do it all at once—and I hadn’t wanted to do it one show at a time. I was going to work out a way to do it when I could get around to it, but then—

A few weeks back, TalkShoe managed to lose all shows older than 2015. Which included the bulk of all my Space Station Liberty and The Biblio File podcasts. Which included all my Biblio File interviews with voice actors and Carl Macek, and my 4-hour interview with Peter S. Beagle from The Biblio File. Some of my proudest accomplishments, now vanished. They aren’t even on archive.org, I looked.

TalkShoe’s support has told me that over the next couple of weeks they’ll see if they can locate and retrieve the lost episodes, but they can’t guarantee that they can—and they’ve already given up on restoring episodes of most other shows. There’s a banner on TalkShoe.com saying now that older episodes are gone for good, and they encourage people to back up their own episodes. I only wish someone had encouraged that for me. I always meant to get around to it in case TalkShoe went out of business…but I never remembered, and then it was too late.

So now I’m putting out the request to Robotech fans, podcast listeners, anyone who might have had reason to follow the show. If you subscribed to the show in iTunes and downloaded the episodes (the way I wish I had!), they’ll be on your hard drives. If so, or if you otherwise downloaded older episodes, please get in touch with me. Any episodes whose MP3 files I can find anywhere, I can restore. And this time I’ll make sure to keep them backed up.

Did anyone save any of my old episodes? Please let me know.

still can’t believe I was such an idiot. 😦