Hey, Robotech fans! I’m happy to note that, at long last, I’m inviting another guest to my “Space Station Liberty” Robotech fan podcast: Frank Catalano, the voice actor behind Rand and Lt. Dennis Brown. I’ve had him as a guest before, but he was just so much fun to talk to last time that I’m going to have him back again to talk about some of his newer projects—and anything else any Robotech fans who call in want to talk about. The show is scheduled for Saturday, October 21 at 1 p.m. Eastern time (10 a.m. Pacific time).

Remember, Space Station Liberty is run as a live call-in talk show. Anyone who wants to dial in can get on the air and ask Catalano some questions—and I hope you’ll come up with some interesting ones! Just click the link and you’ll find a link to stream the show live, and complete instructions on joining in. If you would like to listen to the last time I had Frank Catalano as a guest and see what that one was like, it’s there at the above link as well—or you can find it by searching Pocket Cast or whatever your favorite podcast app is on “Space Station Liberty.”

Catalano has also written a book, Rand Unwrapped, which is an interesting and fun read. Partly a memoir about growing up in New York, partly a recollection about working on Robotech and other shows, and partly a guide to voice acting, writing, and directing, this book is easily worth a read whether you’re a fan of Robotech or just of animation and acting in general. I reviewed the book a few years back on TeleRead.

So, mark your calendar and don’t miss out. Be there…or “get a job!”


Here’s the interview Frank mentioned during the show itself.