I love how modern Republicans are so eager to brag about doing things and excoriate Democrats for doing things done in the distant past, before the Southern Strategy, when the parties both held positions diametrically opposed to the ones they hold now.

Like that meme going around that says “Democrats haven’t been this angry since we freed their slaves.”

Or a comment on a George Takei post someone shared on Facebook that Takei “consistently votes for the political party that PUT him in the [World War II Japanese internment] camp.”

It’s like, the modern Republicans know that they way they behaved in the past was the right way, and want to take the credit for having done so on behalf of their party–while at the same time they’re just as eager to do exactly the opposite things now. By all means, let’s us round up the Muslims into camps like the Democrats did to the Japanese in World War II! But it was wrong, then, because they were Democrats. But we’re Republicans, so it’s okay!