(I just submitted the following as a story to slashdot.org. I don’t know if they’ll run it, but whether they do or not, it was too good not to repost here. Mad props to my friend Matt Gerber for originally pointing out the CNN.com article to me.)

Long time Slashdot veterans will remember Jon Katz, the editorial writer whose Slashdot articles invariably became hotbeds of controversy. It appears he may have the last laugh; how many of the Slashdot posters who ridiculed him went on to be played by Jeff Bridges in a movie?

In his new book, “A Good Dog: The Story of Orson,” Katz chronicles the life and death of the lovable but troubled border collie that transformed his life. It continues the story begun in Katz’s last book, “A Dog Year,” now being made into a movie starring Jeff Bridges as Katz.

Katz critics may get a chuckle out of the plot synopsis for the film: “A man having a mid-life crisis has his life turned upside down when he takes in a border collie crazier than he is.” Further amusement comes from this article about the movie’s filming, with this quote from the owner of the house used to double for Katz’s:

Mercaldi said she was looking forward to seeing the film, with her home of 13 years as a co-star, “especially since they trashed it,” she said. “The character was a real slob, so it doesn’t look like our house.”

The film should be released “sometime in late 2007.”