Here is a new audio commentary track I have recorded for viewing with episode #70 of Robotech, “Enter Marlene.” It is an 11-megabyte 64 kilobit mono MP3, timed for playing with the NTSC version of the Robotech Remastered release of this episode. (I suppose if you have the original DVD release, you could watch it with that also, though the timing might be a bit off for some things; if you’ve got a PAL DVD, you might want to use an audio editor such as Audacity to speed the track up by 4% to sync it to your disc. Or Sharecrow may actually be able to adjust the speed itself if you edit the .crow file; I’m not sure.)

To watch it, simply start your DVD player (that is, select “Enter Marlene” from the main menu and it will start playing automatically) and your MP3 player or iPod at the same time. Or you can use the Sharecrow mp3/DVD player if you watch DVDs on a Windows computer. Simply right-click the links and select “Save” to download the audio file and the .crow configuration file, save them in the same directory, then load the .crow file once you start playing the disc. When you select “Enter Marlene” from the menu, the commentary track will start playing automatically.

Audio file: here
.crow file: here

Update: I have just finished an update to this commentary track, so it is now current as of 11/14/06. The main changes were to clarify some things about the relationship between Ariel and Marlene Rush, based on what I learned by talking to Tommy Yune at the Shadow Chronicles screening on November 11th. You can actually hear the sections I changed in their original form in the commentary track excerpt segment that I did for RDF Underground episode #51.

Here are some links to things I mention in the commentary.