Phil and Kaja Foglio have been doing a series of comic books called “Girl Genius,” subtitled “A Gaslamp Fantasy with Adventure, Romance & Mad Science.” Up to this point, they’ve been making the comic books available on a print subscription basis.

Well, they apparently came to the conclusion that more money was really in selling the hardbound/trade paperback collections of the comic book than was in printing the comic book as a comic book…and so they’ve gone to an online-only webcomic publication model, publishing both the back issues and the new issues on a one-page-per-day basis, updated MWF, and thus letting the webcomic drive the purchase of the collection volumes.

They began putting up the new material today, starting with both the first page of the next issue of the new comic, and the first page after the material they already had up for free of the old comics.

I’ve only actually read the first issue or so, while I was at the home of a friend who’d bought it, so I’m looking forward to the chance to read it all. It’s a clever and funny story, and the Foglios do some great art. Check it out!