Well, here I go again.

I’ve gotten my free iPod already. You all know about that by now. I’ve been using it happily for months. Quite the clever little gizmo, and it enables me to carry around a significant chunk of (though not all of) my music. Thanks to the smart playlist feature, though, I can actually rotate through my entire collection automatically, so long as I sync the thing every so often. I simply tell it to play the stuff with the lowest play count, in random order, and so it goes. (Oddly enough, it works its way through in reverse alphabetical order. But it doesn’t really matter the order to me.) It’s kind of like having my own personal radio station, with an ever-changing mix. I can even plug it into my computer at work and play the songs through iTunes that way.

It looks like I’ll very shortly be enjoying a new 27″ flatscreen TV, too. I’ve finally managed to get 8 people to sign up for it on freeflatscreens.com, and now I just have to wait for them to acknowledge the offer I signed up for to go ahead with it. They haven’t yet; they ask that I wait for 15 days from the time I signed up for the offer to contact them about it. That’s March 1st. But that’s OK, I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer.

By now, it should be pretty clear that GratisNetworks is legit. Just in case there was any doubt, they’re still getting news coverage. Here’s a recent Boston Globe article contrasting them with a more fly-by-night free iPod offer. All you have to do is google and you’ll find dozens of happy customers proclaiming how they Really Did Get the Free Stuff. (If you’re new to this journal, I wrote an entry a few months back about how they can afford to do this.)

Anyway, now I’m going for my most ambitious free project yet: a free Mac Mini. If I can get enough people to sign up for it and complete an offer, I can get my hands on a free teeny-tiny fully-operational Macintosh. The kicker is, this offer requires ten people to sign up. It took me forever with the TV. It may take me even more forever with this. But it can’t hurt to try; I don’t even have to do my own free offer until I know enough people signed up for me to make it.

So…interested in a free Mini Mac of your own? Or want a free iPod? Go over to my conga line and check it out. And if you sign up, email me your own referral link, and I’ll put it up after mine.