A friend called my attention to a macabre little tale that he found as part of an article about “What Really Happens in a Gunfight?”:

The most dramatic wound that I ever personally saw involved a woman who was shot in the head by a .357 Magnum. I was a patrol deputy and responded to a public housing project on the report of a shooting. I arrived at the same time as the medic crew and found a white female sitting on the sofa with a dimpled hole in her forehead.

There was a similar wound on the back of her head. As I spoke to her at the scene (to find out who shot her, not to further my personal research) I was told that she had been in an argument with her live-in boyfriend when he picked up a snub-nosed .357 revolver and shot her in the forehead. She advised that her head, “Slammed back and I fell back onto the sofa. I have been sitting here ever since. I have a big head ache.” It later turned out that the 158-grain jacketed semi-wadcutter bullet used in the shooting had spilt the lobes of her brain finer than any surgeon could have hoped to. The bullet left a hole in the rear of her skull, which was patched in some way. This victim was released from the hospital and then refused to testify against her boyfriend. (“I still love him.”) He was prosecuted anyway. This incident remains one of the strangest things that I have ever seen.

I remember hearing of a similar incident a few years back where a woman attacked her husband with a meat cleaver to the middle of the skull and it went right down between both lobes of his brain.