Well, Cory Doctorow’s done it again. He’s gotten another short story placed with Salon Magazine (his fourth so far to be published by them). This one, “Anda’s Game,” is set in England and on the Internet in the not-too-distant future, in a generic fantasy massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game, following the real-and-virtual-life exploits of a schoolgirl named Anda as she learns some important life lessons involving diet, exercise, and the interaction of virtual and real-life property.

It’s a fun little story, and well worth the 30 seconds of ad-viewing you have to do in order to get access if you’re not a Salon Premium subscriber. (And the neat thing is, it’s published under a Creative Commons license—so after you get access, you can send it to your friends so they don’t have to.) I’m hoping that the MMORPG-property-related novel that Doctorow’s been working on will be related; I want to find out what happens afterward.