I am such a geek.

I was reading this interview with Brad Bird, the director of The Incredibles (warning: interview contains spoilers), where he happens to say:

I was a fan of Sarah’s from This American Life. I love that show, I think it’s a weekly miracle. And I just happened to be listening to it while we were getting around to casting voices, and I heard her talk about her father firing off this cannon or something. And it just sounded exactly like Violet.

I did a bit of google searching on Sarah Vowell, to try to see if I could find anywhere she talked about what it was like doing the movie—and over the course of that search, I happened onto Sarah’s homepage, which has a link to the RealAudio recording in which she recounts how she and her gunsmith father, who don’t see eye to eye on most things, managed to find common ground when her father built a replica of a 19th century cannon.

So, anyone who cares can listen to Sarah’s unknowing audition for the part of Violet in The Incredibles. It’s a neat story, and you can kind of imagine Violet telling it as you listen.