Well, this is it. Today is the day we pretend just for a moment that we can believe anything the Presidential candidates say about themselves or each other, and have to make a choice between two evils. I’m confident I picked the lesser of the two, even though some of my friends (and family) may not agree with my choice. But, well, it was my choice to make, and I made it based on the best information available to me. I watched or listened to the Presidential debates and went with the one whose ideas I most agreed with. Now we get to see whether my choice takes the race, and, down the road, whether or not I picked the right one.

It sure is a close race this year. Easily as close as last year, and it’s going to be white-knuckle time until the last of the votes come in. Are we going to have the same leadership we have had, or are we going to get a different one? I sure do think it says something about President Bush that he’s somehow managed to squander the all-but-instant re-election that a wartime President usually gets. Kerry’s a strong contender; the current Electoral-Vote.com prediction is Kerry 262, Bush 261. It sure has been changing lately; yesterday it was a much stronger appearance of a win for Kerry.

Some people don’t hold with voting; they don’t think that their vote will make a difference. And it’s one of the great paradoxes of life that they’re both wrong and right at the same time: they’re right, their one single vote probably won’t be the one on which the election turns (unless, of course, they live in Florida—sorry, Matt and Jesse); but they’re wrong in that they have the same ability to help decide the outcome as every other individual in the country. So, you can vote and make very little difference—or not vote and make less of one.

Even though we as individuals have so little effect, it’s kind of a neat feeling, standing there, punching that little card, dropping the envelope in the slot, and knowing that we have, in some infinitessimal way, helped steer the course of the nation—and that in just a few hours, the results of our decision will be known. I sincerely encourage everyone to vote, no matter whom you support. In a race this close, every vote counts far more.

Let me leave you with this. Even though it’s four years old, this Sluggy Freelance strip does one of the best jobs of explaining the difference between political candidates I’ve yet seen. And for you fans of eighties toy-line tie-in cartoons, well, here’s the candidate for you.