In an update to an old post, I finally got enough referrals for my free iPod to be able to place my order. Even though after I got my last referral they said they would need up to a week to verify that all the referrals were valid, they must have been working at record speed, because I was able to place my order the next day. It is currently listed on their webpage as in “processing” status.

Of course, I recognize that it may be weeks before I receive the gadget; to save money, they’ll want to wait until they have a large batch to send and ship them all out at once. But the important thing is, they are sending it. (Or at least they say they are.) I’ll post again when I have the iPod in my hot little hands.

As a side note, I still have only three “confirmed” referrals for my flatscreen TV set (and I need eight). I’m still looking for referrals via my conga line; please read my original post and see if the deal works for you.